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Vincent Del Franco, founder and owner of LifeTyme Financial Group and LifeTyme Financial Advisors, seek to help families fight for their financial freedom and achieve their American Dream.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Chapter 9: What is Mortgage Optimization?

    Welcome back to LifeTyme Financial Freedom Fighters Podcast! Today, Vincent goes over Chapter 9 of his book which covers Mortgage Optimization and why you want to die with a big, fat mortgage! ...


  2. Chapter 8: Tax Free Retirement

    Today, Vincent shares Chapter 8 of his book where he unveils three hidden treasure chests that are potential tax free vehicles for retirement. ...


  3. Chapter 7: Qualified Plans

    Join Vincent as he talks about the second treasure chest from chapter 7, Qualified Plans. ...


  4. Chapter 6: Emergency Funds

    Welcome to Chapter 6 as Vincent Del Franco runs us through the importance of emergency funds and gives us a couple treasure chests to take with us to know how to optimize this tool. ...


  5. Chapter 5: How to Make Your Money Work for You

    Join Vincent as he reveals Chapter 5 of his book and talks about various ways you may be unknowingly and unnecessarily spending money and how to make that money work for you! ...