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Vincent Del Franco, founder and owner of LifeTyme Financial Group and LifeTyme Financial Advisors, seek to help families fight for their financial freedom and achieve their American Dream.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Chapter 4: Debt and How to Handle It

    Today, Vincent goes through chapter 4 of his book and talks about debt and how to handle it, from car loans and mortgages to student debt. ...


  2. Chapter 3: Goal Setting with Estera Bradley

    Thank you for joining us for todays episode of the LifeTyme Financial Freedom Fighters Podcast! Today Vincent invited his associate, Estera Bradley, to finish talking about Chapter 2 about her Why behind money and to introduce the concept of long term goal setting from Chapter 3. ...


  3. Chapter 2: What is your Why? With Special Guest Loren Hendry

    Join Vincent as he dives into the second chaper of his book with special guest, Loren Hendry, where they talk about the importance of knowing what money means to you, why you work and why you invest! ...


  4. Chapter 1: Illuminate Your Future

    Join Vincent as he starts the beginning of season 3 of Lifetyme Financial Freedom Fighters Podcast! Today he will be starting with more of his background and how he came up and why the lessons he teaches to people are important! ...


  5. Circle Talk

    Join us as Vincent Del Franco shared some news about the future of this podast along with wrapping up this second series of LifeTyme Financial Freedom Fighters Podcast. Guess you can say we made it full circle! ...