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Vincent Del Franco, founder and owner of LifeTyme Financial Group and LifeTyme Financial Advisors, seek to help families fight for their financial freedom and achieve their American Dream.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Intro to Series 2! LifeTyme Economic Model

    Welcome back everybody and thank you for tuning into our first series, then coming back for round two! This series is going to have a great wealth of knowledge as Vincent and Charles discuss the LifeTyme Economic Model. ...


  2. LifeTyme Lesson on Life Insurance - Part 2

    Welcome back as Vincent and Charles dive into Part 2 on LifeTyme Lessons on Life Insurance, the insurance where you dont have to die to use! They get into the nitty gritty parts of life insurance including difference between qualified plans and using an alternative tax advantageous strategy. ...


  3. LifeTyme Lesson on Life Insurance: Part 1

    Before you run off, take a listen to Vincent and Charles talk about a little bit of the history behind life Insurance and why you dont have to die in order to use it! ...


  4. LifeTyme Financial Foundations

    Just like a house, you can't build a healthy financial situation for yourself without a solid foundation. Join Vincent and Charles as they talk about the what builds a sturdy financial foundation. ...