Goal Setting for a LifeTyme: Journaling

Episode 2 December 09, 2020 00:23:49
Goal Setting for a LifeTyme: Journaling
LifeTyme Financial Freedom Fighters
Goal Setting for a LifeTyme: Journaling

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Vincent Del Franco

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Welcome to Season 4 of the LifeTyme Financial Freedom Fighters Podcast where Vincent Del Franco will be talking more on a personal note. Since it is the end of the year, he will be talking about a variety of goal setting strategies starting with journaling.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 The views expressed on this program are not necessarily the views expressed by this platform. This content is for educational purposes only please consult a financial advisor or conduct your own due diligence prior to investing Vincent Del Franco is the owner and CEO of lifetime financial LLC and lifetime financial advisors. And is the investment advisor that furnishes this program for your consumption future performance of financial vehicles are not guaranteed. <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:00:41 Today, outside my window, a new day. I see only I can determine what kind of day it will be. My own state of mind is the determining key for I am only the person I let myself be. I have faith in myself and believe what I say. And I personally intend to make the best of each day. That quote is today. I don't know exactly who wrote the quote. And if any of you out there do, please let me know. My name is Vincent Del Frank. I'm the founder and CEO of lifetime financial. I'd like to welcome you to the lifetime financial freedom fighters podcast. Okay. And so let's go ahead and get started today. What I want to cover with each of you is journaling and the importance of journaling. And the reason why I wanted to start kick off today with journaling is for these next four sessions, I'm going to be talking about goal setting, planning, journaling. Speaker 1 00:01:51 We're going to talk about putting together vision board and those types of things to help you start planning in December so that you could hit the road running in 2021. Now, if you did that in 2020, and you look back and that's what I would encourage you to do now is take a look back at what goals you may have set and see whether or not you've accomplished them. Okay? And if you haven't, you don't beat yourself up. What you do is you just go ahead and retool yourself and get ready for 2021. There's so many benefits. If you will, to following these different steps of journaling, goal, setting, vision boarding, and then constantly checking on your progress so that you can eventually look back and start hitting your target. You see guys see the, the important thing about goal setting and planning and doing all those things is goal setting. It's like setting up a target. You see, you cannot hit a target that you don't even have it. Folks, look, I had someone say to me a long time ago, you know, I don't set goals, but then I go to his home and on his wall, he has all these different toys he'd like to buy someday or the kind of home we'd like to live in, or the kind of car he'd like to drive. And that is a form of goal setting. Speaker 1 00:03:27 But you see if you, if you have sloppy goals, you'll have sloppy results. So I want to encourage you to go ahead and take the time. This is your time guys. You see the fact that the matter is is people will spend more time planning, a birthday party, planning, a vacation, planning, a wedding. They spend more time doing that than planning their own lives. And so I want to encourage you to do that. Now we're going to start off with journaling because journaling will help you to clarify and crystallize the type of goals that you would like to set for the future. Okay. And so what I'm going to do is I'm going to be reading some ideas for you that you can take. And again, you know, I've been journaling for years. I have every goal that I've ever said in the last 30 years, I've kept my journals. Speaker 1 00:04:21 Not that I've been faithful to it. Not that I've been as disciplined as I like to be. Not that I've really made it a habit every year. I try to get better at it. And I know by talking and teaching and working and showing people how to do it, that it forces me to continue to do a better job of it. And so planning, goal, setting, vision boarding, and yes, most importantly, writing in your journal or keeping a journal has miraculous benefits. And I'm going to go ahead and, and I'm going to cover some of those as we go through, but you see, years and years ago, many generations ago, people always kept a journal of what was going on. That's how we know a lot about history. As people kept journals and diaries, and those types of things you see today, people don't do it. And the most important thing is very few people recognize the astonishing power of keeping a journal. Speaker 1 00:05:27 So you, so if you can read and write, you have access to the most amazing source of personal power and magic. Now, I want to encourage you to try it, try it for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, get yourself a nice journal, have a nice pen that you like to write with. She, some people prefer ballpoint, some prefer having and get a nice hook, some getting or having a, um, roller ball. I prefer fountain pens. I don't know why, but I prefer writing with a fountain pen in a journal. And you know, I've gone out and bought an ma long fountain pen. I have a watermark fountain pen and I played together a few others as I go down the road. But again, I would encourage you to find something that you're comfortable riding with and using that journal every day to really keep track of what you're doing, appointments that you may have, uh, conversations. Speaker 1 00:06:34 You know, you may get a great quote from time to time that you want to go ahead and put in your journal or, you know, what's happening with your children's day or birthday parties or your own birthday party, your spouse's birthday party. If you have a spouse or significant other, any of those things that you put in there, you see, it may not mean a whole lot to you, but it could be a, an amazing tool or an amazing gift to future generations. So in order for your life to have some kind of meaning, you want to have some sort of record of your life. So I'd encourage you to really consider the power of journaling and look, trust me, I know I'm out there. I work, I have a family, I do things. And a lot of times we all come up with, I don't have time. Speaker 1 00:07:30 I don't know when I can fit it in et cetera, et cetera. However, once you get started and once you get hooked on it, once you see the benefits of it, and once you go back and you start reflecting on it, it'll make all the difference in the world. So again, I want to encourage you to take the time, figure out, you know, set up set five, 10 minutes aside, either at eight in the evening, before you go to bed or in the morning, when you awaken, you may see I carry mine throughout the day. In fact, I have, you know, these kind of binders, these type of journals that I use it like a calendar, you know, like back in the old days before we had the computer, we'd always write our dates in the calendar and whatever appointments we have, et cetera, et cetera. Speaker 1 00:08:20 I normally keep my journal as my daily to do list what's happening, who I come in contact with. And I start just keeping all of that information. And the journal. Now, what I'm looking to do is to step up my game and buy a nicer, more expensive leather bound type journal that I can keep in date and something that I can have. You see, I'd love that. Leave something for future generations. One thing that really breaks my heart in a way is that, you know, before my dad passed away, I never had the opportunity to sit down with my dad and interview him. I've been doing that with my mother. I did interview with a recorder, or sometimes I'll just take my phone and I'll interview my mom about her childhood. What was like growing up, you know, coming over from Italy to the United States on a boat. Speaker 1 00:09:18 In fact, she was pregnant with me. I was conceived in Italy, but born here three months after she landed, you know, these things I would have never known had I not started to ask and inquire and ask questions. And so I would love to have done the same thing with my father and really gotten to know more about his childhood. Now I have one aunt remaining and I really want to pick her brain and find out as much as I possibly can about our family history on my dad's side. And my mom, you know, I try to get as much as I can. Every time I sit down and visit with her and you know, it's amazing. And every, every time we sit down, I've learned something new and sometimes it can be very emotional. And so, but journaling these ideas, you know, if my dad would've kept the journal, I could have read through the journal, you know, but my dad was one of those guys. He came here from Italy with a second grade education and his number one focus was family. I mean, we, there was eight of us children. He put, they put us through Catholic school. Speaker 1 00:10:26 You know, we had a roof over our head food in our bellies. I'm not saying it was easy, right. It was tough. We had a very difficult childhood, if you will, however, we did make it through. And so I see the value of journaling and hopefully you will as well. So I'm going to go ahead and give you the top 10 following reasons why it's important or the importance of keeping a journal. Number one, a journal helps you to clarify your goals, right? In other words, see, as you write a few thoughts each day, your ideas about what's important to you, what is worthy of your life and your time, you'll become much clearer as to what it is that you want to accomplish. In other words, why are you here? Why were you placed on this planet? Speaker 1 00:11:29 Now, what I would do within the next 10, 15, 20 days, what I would encourage you to do is really, Hey guys, take some time for yourself, go someplace and be alone. If you must. Now, if you're married and you have children, you can involve them later on, but go someplace, sit down and start to figure out what it is that you'd like to accomplish in the next year. Next three years, didn't expire five years. In other words, were you going to be three to five years from now? And one thing that I can tell you, and you'll hear me say this in another podcast, but one thing that I can share with you, you will be the same person today, as you will, five years for now with three exceptions. Number one, the people you hang around with and associate with number two, the books that you read or listened to, and the videos that you watch, those are the three exceptions to the difference that you'll be in between now and the next three to five years. Speaker 1 00:12:27 So I would encourage you to start to consider feeding your mind with some good stuff, because honestly you can change who you are, where you are, what you are by changing. What goes into your mind. Number two, a journal will simplify your life. See spending as little as five, 10, 15, 20 minutes with a pen and paper or your journal describing your values, noting your achievements, the things that you've accomplished with your life and giving. Thanks for all that you do have you see the one thing that I've learned a long time ago is you have to be happy and thankful for what you have and not unhappy. And I'm thankful for what you don't have. You don't want to waste your time on that negative stuff. Okay? So give thanks for the things that you do have, and those types of things will help you to simplify your life. It'll make you less tolerant of life's distractions and things become much simpler when you write them down. I mean, you know, think about it. You're taking it from your head and you're putting it down on paper. You're not having to have it run around in your head all the time. And number three, a journal will strengthen your relationships. It will give you time and the words to express your feelings. It will help you to understand and be patient with your loved ones and so on. Speaker 1 00:14:16 And what's really powerful is that it'll help you to love and to be with someone more powerfully, number four, a journal will make you more attractive. I know that sounds a little crazy, but what do I mean by that? See Socrates said, know, thyself, keep journaling. It will help you to know yourself and express yourself more clearly. You know, what's amazing is that that is super attractive. It is super attractive when you can articulate and you can come across with power and strength and confidence, it does help you to become and look a lot more attractive. Number five, a journal will empower you. Now you may be asking yourself now, how is that? See thinking with the pen and paper forces you to eliminate fuzzy or confusing images Speaker 1 00:15:30 And laser in on precisely the right words, the most powerful image to express yourself. See keeping a journal will make you a better communicator and believe it or not folks that can actually help you to become wealthy in your job. Communicating in an effective manner can help you to continue to grow in your business, grow in the company that you're working for. And basically it really displays leadership on your part C very few folks ever take the time to really work on this. Number six, a journal will eliminate temptation. See some ideas sounds great in our imagination, but when written on paper, they just aren't the same. You see, it's easy to blurt out. I hate my job, but writing it down, what it means to quit change careers, start over will quickly result in one of two things. The temptation will either go away or you'll start generating actual plans to make your move. Speaker 1 00:16:54 And when you think about it, isn't that important? Is that something that we would want, I mean, in other words, if we're not happy with what we're doing, what do we want to just move on? Number seven, a journal affirms the reality of your life. See writing about life as meaning and power journal, your child's first steps or first tooth's starting school, her first date or his first date in high school graduations in going to college and what it was like dropping him off. In fact, you know, as I go through and I'm, I'm reading through some of this, you know, I remember what it was like, ha ha however, I didn't journal it down. So that's something that I could talk about in my journal. When I'm finished with this podcast, whoever wrote these 10 steps also said, a friend of mine just became a grandfather and gave his son the proud father, a fat three ring binder of notes. Speaker 1 00:18:00 He'd written as he watches, baby boy grow 25 years old together. They cried and laughed at the reality that life is sacred. What a wonderful thing. Number eight, a journal helps you to be quiet. Journalizing has been called a form of meditation. It has a similar power to quiet the mind and focus your thoughts. Heck it even has the power to turn off the TV. In other words, if you find that this is more important than watching television journaling, your future or journaling about your family or about what's been happening, it could actually get you to turn off your TV. It can healing anxiety, it can change your breathing and make you smile and think about it. What more could you ask for then to have that kind of thing going on in your life? Number nine, a journal helps you to speak out letters that you write and letters that you write to friends may have began as those that you may have had in your journal ideas that you may have had in your journal. See a journal helps ideas, become words, and provides the nursery for words, to grow into sentences and paragraphs until finally they need a stage on which to express themselves. See sometimes the stage is a candlelit dinner. Other times it's a protest sign or a letter to an old friend, see whatever form it takes. Many of those messages would never have been born without the safety of a journal in which to grow. And so there's a lot of power in that. Folks. You have no idea what can come out, keeping a journal. Speaker 1 00:20:13 Number 10, finally, a journal just feels good. So using quality paper and a fountain pen for me anyway, or, you know, if you want to use any other beautiful instrument, I would really make it something special though. She would just the right Haft and feel is a wonderful sensuous delightful experience. It will cheer you up, reduce your stress, make you smile and add to your life who knows it may even improve your sex life or make you more patient with your kids. Well, it might see the thing is, you know, uh, again, I'm reading from this article, uh, that, that I read, I don't, I don't have, I like to give credit to this person, whoever it is. However, folks, you know, on a, on a more serious note, that is one, I have many articles of journaling that I use to, and I have used in the past to convince myself that it's a good idea. So I'd encourage you, especially next week. We're going to be talking about goal setting and planning and things like that. Taking a journal and start jotting down. Hey man, what do I want? What is it that I won't want to accomplish? What is it that I'm looking to do? Speaker 1 00:21:44 What difference do I want to make in the world? And then take those ideas and start setting goals. And remember you want to have family. You want to talk about your, your finances, your position at work, your health, your religion. You may want to talk about travel or any of those miscellaneous things, which I'll cover next week. Again, a man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder. You wind up going around aimlessly through life and taking whatever life has to offer you or whatever life is just doling out at the time instead of actually going out and creating your life for a lifetime. And let me tell you another thing too, is I really believe that by journaling and setting these types of examples, and when your family sees you doing it, leadership by example, they may follow step. And therefore you may have generations of these journals appearing to the future generations of the world. Okay? Anyway, thank you very much. Again, my name is Vincent Del Franco. I'm with lifetime financial. If you'd like to reach out our phone number is (602) 774-4735. You can check us out on the website. Our website is www.ltfusa.com. Or you can reach us by [email protected] Thank you very much. Have a wonderful rest of the week. And I look forward to talking to you next time, take care and have a good day. Speaker 0 00:23:31 <inaudible>.

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